We don’t need no more tornados

“Parts of the South that endured severe weather outbreaks in consecutive weeks won’t be able to catch a break in the near future. AccuWeather forecasters say more volatile weather will arrive as soon as this weekend, and stormy weather could be unrelenting even into next week.” – Yahoo  

Look, if we wanted to play tag with dozens of nasty tornados, we’d move to Tornado Alley.

Thursday was a noisy weather day here in north Georgia: continuous rain, severe thunderstorms. The tornados occurred primarily in Alabama except for the one that devastated the Atlanta suburb of Newnan. We were on the edge of the tornado watch and will be again before the weekend is over.

We’re still under a flood warning from the last batch of rain. Now this, according to weather.com:

So, if you know Mother Nature, please let her know we don’t need no more tornados.



2 thoughts on “We don’t need no more tornados

  1. Dear Malcolm:
    I’m so sorry you guys are having such tough weather. And I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a tornado blow away my home.
    However, Mother Nature is not tech savvy. She has no cell phone, so you can’t call her or text her. She’s not on the internet either.
    You know darn well that the only way to reach her is by Ju-ju.
    I’ve done a bit of my own ju-ju for the troubled southern states.
    Don’t you think it’s about time to share some of your scotch?
    I understand that, if you’re like my husband, this is a lot to ask. But what’s a little scotch and heart-felt spell-casting when you’re facing down tornadoes?

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