Jock Stewart’s Christmas Carol

Coming December 17: Dine Along – Recipes from Vanilla Heart Publishing authors. Learn how to make Coral Snake Smith’s Purple Platter Meatloaf.

Yes, “Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire” is on Kindle at only $5.99.

“For those that like authors like Vonnegut or Miller, ‘Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire’ is a must-read. The book contains a lot of dark humour, moments of sexual tension, and characters that go back and forth between light and dark. Campbell’s play on words and original plot is sure to keep any reader on his or her toes.” — Nora Caron, “Journey to the Heart.”

2 thoughts on “Jock Stewart’s Christmas Carol

  1. Sadly enough there is a lot of that sentiment afloat these days. In my more cynical moments I consider retiring the reindeer that I use and replacing it with a huge pink pig.

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