Typical e-mail exchange with a shipper

This is the season when UPS, FedEx, and USPS litter the front porch with packages and my e-mail inbox with notes that say “your shipment has arrived.” But sometimes the shipper is wrong and there’s no package there:

SHIPPER: (Not FedEx) Your package from WALMART arrived today.

ME: No it didn’t.

SHIPPER: Really? Did you check the outhouse?

ME: We don’t have an outhouse.

SHIPPER: Where do you do your business?

ME: The bathroom.

SHIPPER: Wow, we didn’t figure a redneck county like yours had indoor plumbing.,

ME: So where’s my package?

SHIPPER: Frankly, we rather hoped you’d forgotten about it by now. We think varmints ran off with it.

ME: Varmints?

SHIPPER: Yes, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my.

ME: I live in Georgia, not the jungle.

SHIPPER: So that “Georgia of the Jungle” song isn’t about you?

ME: Nope.

SHIPPER: Well, bugger.


Malcolm R. Campbell sometimes put his satire in a novel.





2 thoughts on “Typical e-mail exchange with a shipper

  1. I had almost that exact conversation the other day. (It actually was a pretty funny conversation – customer service told me our delivery person needed to learn numbers). By the way, for some reason WordPress isn’t letting me “like” your last few posts. I click “like” and it shows up for about a second and then “unlikes” itself.

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