When silence is wisdom

My friend Pat Bertram is more consistent with bloggin than I am, but often says thinking of something to post about isn’t always that easy.  She’s right. As I pondered today’s post, I kept thinking of things I shouldn’t say. I decided keeping silent about them would be considered a sign of wisdom. So here is today’s list of discarded topics/questions:

  • How many hookers can you squeeze in a typical ice-fishing shanty?
  • If you’re a priest and say a wrong word in your baptism sacraments for twenty years making them invalid, can all those people sue?
  • Why the “Jeopardy” producers can’t make up their minds and hire a permanent host.
  • If a person has a 3G life support system in a 5G world, does s/he need to call a priest for last rites and then hope the guy doesn’t say a wrong word?
  • What “personality” rocked a slinky dress at an event last night.
  • Drug testing at the Olympic Games.
  • Protesters clogging up U.S./Canadian border crossing. Hell, you couldn’t even get into Sweet Grass, Montana from Alberta.
  • Does an airliner captain really need to make an emergency landing because somebody saw a snake?
  • Are those Viagra starter packs really safe?
  • Or perhaps, offer a eulogy for the last A&W restaurant closing in Atascadero?

There is a lot of rant-ready material here, but my Tarot cards told me you didn’t really want to hear it.


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