Pinball at the grocery store

If you like organic foods, you probably shop at MOM’s Organic Market if there’s one in your area. They’ve been around since 1987, so they know what they’re doing.

However, if you live in or near College Park, Maryland, you have a special treat if you like real pinball machines–as opposed to the rather flat and phony versions on line.

MOM’s founder Scott Nash loves pinball. So when he opened up the College Park store (his 19th location at the time) he created a special room for 25 of his mint condition 1970s/1980s pinball machines. Hint: it’s on the left side of the store past the easy chair room. Most of the games cost 50₵, though a few are 25₵.

In the area to visit my daughter and granddaughters, my wife and I went to the store and went through $10 worth of quarters in a few minutes. (They have a change machine.) And, we were happy to see that the grandchildren are learning what quality entertainment is all aboutwhile eating good food.

There are leagues and the site also has a Facebook page.

We had a very enjoyable trip and a great Thanksgiving with family after missing seeing them last year due to COVID.


As an old time journalist, my alter ego Jock Stewart loves pinball almost as much as he loves puns an making fun of the bad people in government,




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