Developing a Writing Practice

The world is full of people who “want to write a book someday,” but few are those who manage to find the time to do so amid the myriad other commitments in their lives.

A lot of the people who genuinely want to write a book never do so, because they never find a reason to prioritize their writing practice. That was the case with one of my book-coaching clients—until one of his sons died from cancer.

Source: Developing a Writing Practice, Part 3: Important | Jane Friedman

Without a strong passion and/or a pragmatic approach to giving your writing the time it needs, those dreams of poems, novels, and plays will probably never come true. Passion might arise out of a tragedy in your life that subsequently sends you to the keyboard day after day until you’ve said what you want to say about it.

Yet, as the author says, “There’s no need to wait until life reminds you of your mortality. You can make writing a priority right now.” The suggestions in this article just might help you, I think because they don’t smack of discipline, like being forced to do fifty pushups a day or run ten miles, approaches that might create good soldiers by don’t allow much for a fresh breath of creativity as part of your prioritizing time and effort.

Worth a look–and even more, worth a try.