You’d think a writer would be good at Scrabble

We grew up playing the standard Scrabble board game. I usually lost. If my Aunt Vera was there, she usually beat everyone because she was either a droid or had the ability to see every potential move on the board like a grandmaster chess player.

Now I play Words with Friends on Facebook. I’m not sure why; I normally lose. See, look at this (one of my better games):

Being a writer doesn’t help. Maybe it hurts since I see words as whole structures rather than as groups of letters. Looking at a Words With Friends board, I have little idea what letters to add to the board to get high-scoring results. It’s been a lifetime trauma.


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2 thoughts on “You’d think a writer would be good at Scrabble

  1. My problem with scrabble is all the two-letter non-words that are allowable. Like za meaning pizza. Who calls it that? And if they do, it’s slang, and I thought slang wasn’t allowed. The last time I played, I spent more time shaking my head over those words than I did playing. It’s not too much of a stretch to guess that was the last time I played, and will probably ever play.

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