The virus may impact my travel plans – yours, too?


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How will that impact each of us? It’s hard to gripe about it when people are dying and others’ lives are being disrupted.

Italy is closed. Travel from Europe to the U.S. is restricted. Many of us wonder how long it will be before travel around the U. S. will be impossible.

Due to my cancer problems last year, I didn’t see my daughter and granddaughters in Maryland. We’d planned to visit them in April and take a few cool side trips while we were there. So far, none of our flights has been cancelled.

But, we wonder. We miss the granddaughters. We dislike going long periods of time without seeing them because their lives move so fast it’s easy for us to get out of the loop and never get back in. They grow up so fast that a year away from them is hard to recover.

So, we worry. My brother and his wife had plans to see Australia. Those fell through when the place burnt down. Now they have plans for a river trip in Europe, but as borders close, that might not happen.

It’s not that we’re worried about getting COVD-19, though that could happen. We’re more concerned about mandatory quantities and travel restrictions.

Do you face similar problems or is it more a matter of whether the toilet paper runs out?



8 thoughts on “The virus may impact my travel plans – yours, too?

  1. I’ve been thinking about the far-reaching aspects of this situation — not the health aspect, and not the travel aspect since I have no plans to travel, but the rest of it. The toilet paper shortage came about because a lot of the cheaper store brands of toilet paper are made in China, and products from that country are no longer coming here. Considering that almost everything nowadays is made in China, in the long run, it could cripple our economy. Being the conspiracy writer that I am, I can see a scenario of some covert form of economic warfare. I’m curious how this will play out, though of course I hope that none of this has an effect on your travel plans.

  2. Plans to get together with my brother this week were cancelled. And I am debating any gatherings or trips. If a little isolation now prevents this dragging on for ages – even years (as Spanish ‘flu did at the end of WWI), I can live with that. I have, as it goes, a sinusitisy thing which is dragging on and on. One just wonders whether it might be The Thing. There is no way to find out, but it has kept me in a lot this past 10 days. They’re quoting years to develop a vaccine. Cases in the UK, as of yesterday, were 460 with 6 deaths. Be well, everyone.

    1. It’s a shame when family trips have to be cancelled. Hope your sinus problem remains a sinus problem; better yet, I hope it goes away. People who watch medical shows on TV probably lead the pack that thinks a vaccine ought to be created in a couple of hours. Stay inside and read.

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