Writers, variant D, and booster shots

When my hearing more or less went away, I stopped doing readings, signings, and panels. But a lot of writers count on them as part of their marketing strategies and/or as a reward for coping with many months of self-imposed isolation while working on each novel.

Pandemic - WikipediaJust when we thought things might return to normal (whatever that is) the whole COVID mess is turning into a new or continued mess. Mask regulations keep changing. So are rules about gatherings. And, the administration is actively talking about booster shots. Needless to say, my writer friends who “need” to go on the road with each new book are having a lot of hard decisions to make about when/if they can schedule anything.

I haven’t seen my granddaughters for over a year, and still have to keep a trip on hold because the youngest isn’t old enough to be vaccinated. That might change, but who knows when. And for all we know, once she’s vaccinated, travel restrictions might tighten up again. These disruptions continue for many of us, and it’s no picnic–especially if you get it, and some of my friends did.

As far as writers are concerned, I see nothing for it but to use a lot of Skype and Zoom, keep the newsletter exciting and current, and start work on the next novel. Or, get out of your office and take a walk in the woods and (perhaps) read though some of the accounts of how earlier generations coped with the depression, dust bowl, influenza epidemic, and the intrusions of WWI and WWII. How they coped speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and shows us that no matter how badly life is treating the country now, there are ways to survive and come out of the experience without becoming totally bitter.

After all, those of us who write are used to concocting alternative endings to the crises we create for our characters. We need to create happy endings for ourselves and our families from the dark years of 2020 and 2021.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of magical realism, paranormal, and contemporary fantasy novels and stories. “Conjure Woman’s Cat” was the first in his four-part Florida Folk magic series.

The virus may impact my travel plans – yours, too?


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How will that impact each of us? It’s hard to gripe about it when people are dying and others’ lives are being disrupted.

Italy is closed. Travel from Europe to the U.S. is restricted. Many of us wonder how long it will be before travel around the U. S. will be impossible.

Due to my cancer problems last year, I didn’t see my daughter and granddaughters in Maryland. We’d planned to visit them in April and take a few cool side trips while we were there. So far, none of our flights has been cancelled.

But, we wonder. We miss the granddaughters. We dislike going long periods of time without seeing them because their lives move so fast it’s easy for us to get out of the loop and never get back in. They grow up so fast that a year away from them is hard to recover.

So, we worry. My brother and his wife had plans to see Australia. Those fell through when the place burnt down. Now they have plans for a river trip in Europe, but as borders close, that might not happen.

It’s not that we’re worried about getting COVD-19, though that could happen. We’re more concerned about mandatory quantities and travel restrictions.

Do you face similar problems or is it more a matter of whether the toilet paper runs out?