Hey, Montana, send us some of your cooler weather but not your snow

In the morning before the heat of the day wakes up, I do out to water the small trees. This morning, I happened to notice the cows were bathing in fog. The sun was hardly awake and the day wasn’t hot yet, so I’m sure the fog was a nice respite for soon the temperature would climb to 98˚ or 99˚ and again, and again there was no rain on the horizon or the radar.

Meanwhile, Montana has colder weather than it needs for early October, so I’m proposing whoever’s in charge out there should FedEx some of that weather 1,761 miles east-southeast to Rome, Georgia. Giant boxes filled with snow will not be accepted. In return, when y’all (or you guys or whatever you say you there) are in the middle of a blizzard and need some relief, whoever’s in charge in Georgia will send out some pleasant breezes on a course heading of 313.5 degrees to help you make it through the night.

At my age, I’m not allowed (by law) to use one of our riding mowers when the temperature is 98˚. Yet. in spite of the heatwave and the drought, the grass keeps on growing. Like good corn, it’s knee-high by the 4th of July and (apparently) the 4th day of every month thereafter. So, Montana people, we need some of that cooler weather so we can cut the grass and find the house.

Thank you for your support.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of a collection of gentle ghost stories called “Widely Scattered Ghosts.” It doesn’t cost too much on Kindle, though you can also get the book in hardcover or paperback. Personally, he doesn’t advise reading the book on October 31, but it’s reasonably safe the rest of the year.


2 thoughts on “Hey, Montana, send us some of your cooler weather but not your snow

  1. I hope some of of cool weather is finding itself down your way. I has gone somewhere because it is much warmer this week. It only got down to 37 last night and warmed up quite nicely during the day. (This afternoon it topped out at a balmy 54.

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