My Birthday Gift to You

Pennsylvanian L. E. Harvey, author of “Unbreakable Hostage,” “Loving Her,” “Imperfect,” and the recently released “Impeccable,” contributes today’s guest post. The Kindle edition of Impeccable was released on September 9 by Vanilla Heart Books. The trade paperback edition is due out in November. You may also like Lauren’s previous guest post “On Writing as Entertainment” which appeared here in April.

My Birthday Gift to You

Today is my birthday. Normally, I’ve hated my birthdays. And today throws me one foot deeper into my thirty-something’s and one frightening step closer to the big four-oh. Yet, today, I can’t help but have a stupid grin on my face.

You see today just plain rocks.  Today is bringing me quite a bit of change in my personal life in addition to the bigger number.  Professionally, though, I am celebrating not just my age, but also the release of my newest book, Impeccable.

Impeccable is the sequel to Imperfect, a book that I have discussed with the fabulous Malcolm Campbell previously. (See L. E. Harvey’s novels focus on women’s strengths.)  Now, we continue the story.  Now we see how everything from Imperfect ties together and affects every character.  Now we, and the characters, move forward.

So many people were shocked to hear there was a second book.  Ah ha!  Leave it to a writer to be tricky (we love doing that)!  Anyway, yes, there is a
second book.  Yes, Impeccable is it.  No, Imperfect is not the ending to it all.  And Impeccable is not the ending you expected.

Impeccable is the emotional, cerebral twin to the logical Imperfect.  Together, they blend and create a full story of which I am tremendously proud.  I always say that these two books are sure to touch your heart and change your mind.  I say that with good reason: as I wrote them, that is how they impacted me!

These books are not thrillers, nor are they erotic, nor are they fantasy, nor are they exciting.  They are simply touching.  They were written from my heart and I was literally transformed in the process of writing them.  I know that if I can be that affected by a book, you most certainly will be too!

So today, I am celebrating! I am celebrating my day, but moreover, I am celebrating my book.  I am celebrating a book that I loved writing.  I am celebrating a book that touched me on a spiritual level.  And I am celebrating a book that I hope – no I know – will have a tremendous impact on its readers and our society today. That is worth celebrating, don’t you think?

Would you please celebrate along with me?  Could you help me revel in my birthday?  Would you go out on a limb and purchase your copy of Impeccable today?  You might just be surprised at just how deeply this book touches you.  And it will only make my birthday grin bigger!

Thanks, and happy reading!

Publisher’s Description for Impeccable

Carol – abandoned – waiting… for what, she couldn’t know. She couldn’t see that there was more life waiting for her. Carol is forced to face the demons of her past as well as begin to face life without Alex. Struggling to make sense of it all, Carol experiences her new life and all of the highs and lows that come with that life. Will Carol finally make peace with both her past and present?

Teaser from the Novel

She couldn’t feel her body. She felt nothing, no pain, nothing, no heat, and no cold. She couldn’t feel anything. Where was she that she lacked all sensation? Carol diligently tried to focus on her surroundings and tried to make sense of all the activity going on around her, but she was unable to sustain that for long. Once again her eyes rolled back and Carol was consumed by black.

2 thoughts on “My Birthday Gift to You

  1. Smoky Zeidel

    As someone whose next birthday will plant her firmly closer to 60 than to 50, let me assure you, Lauren, 40 is still young. Women who are strong, and want to write about strong women, need not fear aging. Fear of aging is something the media thrusts upon us, and only when we all, collectively, laugh in their faces and refuse to believe you have to be young to be fabulous will they change.

  2. Thank you so much, Smoky! 🙂 Age is just number, right? 😉

    A million thanks to Malcolm for giving me this opportunity and for being such a fabulous host AGAIN! 🙂

    Thank you both! 🙂

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