Glacier: One Hundred Beautiful Views

Regular readers of this blog know that my favorite place on the planet is Glacier National Park. I not only like visiting the “Crown of the Continent” in Montana, I like sharing the history, geology, flora and fauna with others. As Christmas approaches, I think of the books that will make great gifts.

Artist Roy E. Hughes’ 100 Beautiful Views of Glacier National Park, published last year, is high my list.

Hughes, who served as Glacier National Park’s artist in residence during July and August of 2005, uses Adobe Photoshop to create prints that look like they were produced by silkscreen or wood blocks. These, he calls digital block prints.

The results are stunning. For anyone passionate about Glacier National Park, the views in this 144-page book will bring back wonderful memories.


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3 thoughts on “Glacier: One Hundred Beautiful Views

  1. I bet there were some difficult choices about which views went into the book! I hope to spend some time there myself perhaps and photograph some of the park.

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