Glacier Park Centennial: Post Card Contest

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Glacier's Chief Mountain
Glacier's Chief Mountain
Glacier National Park Invites Students to Celebrate, Inspire, and Engage Through Art for a Postcard Contest

Glacier National Park’s Education Program and the Glacier Association are again sponsoring a postcard contest for K-12 students. As Glacier approaches its 100th anniverary, the focus for this year’s contest relates to the Centennial themes of “Celebrate, Inspire, and Engage.” In particular, to “engagement” as the next 100 years of Glacier’s future depends on the participation of today’s youth in helping to protect and preserve park resources.

The purpose of the poscard contest is to promote learning and stewardship of Glacier National Park through the creation of messages from local students to future Glacier National Park visitors. First place winning entries in each category will be made into postcards to be given to the visiting public at Glacier Association bookstores throughout the park.

Winners will be announced by the end of November. The first place winning entry in each category will receive a Glacier Association gift certificate for $25 and be made into a free postcard to be handed out at Association sales areas. The second place winner will receive a $15 gift certificate. Third place and honorable mention entries in each category will receive a book from the Association.

The Glacier Association is a non-profit cooperating association of the National Park Service. Glacier Association helps to support Glacier National Park’s educational, interpretive, cultural and scientific program needs.

Deadline is October 31, 2009. Details and entry form here.

Many Glacier Hotel Fans: My mountain adventure novel The Sun Singer is set in a fictionalized version of the hotel and Swiftcurrent Vally. The book’s action fits hand-in-glove into the park’s eastern-side environment where I climbed mountains, hiked and worked as a seasonal employee.

Coming Soon, a discussion with author Pat Bertram about gangsters, quests, and her new book Daughter Am I.

West Hollywood Book Fair: Volunteers set up and staffed my publisher’s (Vanilla Heart) booth even though most of the books and promotional items intended for display were stolen by burglars several days before the October 4th fair. See Jock Stewart’s commentary on this contemptible theft, Waking Up in LA.

Fortunately, a few copies of Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire escaped the thieves’ notice and made it to the booth!


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2 thoughts on “Glacier Park Centennial: Post Card Contest

  1. I like the post card promotion for Glacier very much, but I’m not too fond of the burglary at the book fair! What in the world were they thinking!

    1. I have high hopes for some great post card art from the kids. This is a wonderful kind of outreach into the community from the NPS.

      The sheriff’s department believes that the burglars–who hit other sites as well–were most likely seeking things they could fence, possibly for drugs. Book cartons are, of course, very heavy for their size. The burglars probably thought they had some DVD players or computers. The sad thing is, the books probably ended up in a dumpster.


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