Congratulations Diana Gabaldon

EchoCoverUSAWhile I’ve only met author Diana Gabaldon once, I feel like I’ve known her for years. During the past twenty years, I’ve been a member of the CompuServe Books and Writers forum where many people (including myself) have come and gone as newer venues like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook competed for our time. But during this entire time, Diana has not only been a faithful member of the forum, but a mentor to us as well.

She has posted her novels in progress for discussion. She has read our work (including my novel “The Sun Singer”) in progress and offered encouragement and suggestions. She has always been there with gracious and and detailed answers to our questions about writing, publishing, agents, research and anything else remotely related to reading and writing good books.

DianaGabaldonSo, it pleases me no end to see that the latest novel in her Outlander Series is sitting at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list. If this weren’t another Dan Brown mega year, “Echo in the Bone” would be sitting at #1.

Beginning with “Outlander” in 1998, six novels in the series lead up to “Echo in the Bone.” And for those of us who have been avid readers, we understand that this novel isn’t the last one about Jamie and Claire and their wonderful saga through time and through history.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Diana Gabaldon

  1. Just finished An Echo in the Bone, and she’s definitely left the door open for more novels. It’s a real cliffhanger. Congratulations to Diana — she’s a terrific writer.

    1. With each novel, we ask, “is this the last one.” I read either on her site or the CompuServe books and writers forum that this is definitely NOT the last book in the series.


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