Looking Outward Rather Than Inward

“All life is individual life, in which alone, the ultimate meaning is to be found.” — Carl Jung

People often look outward at their neighborhoods, cities, states and nations as though such groupings of people are entities or personalities in and of themselves.

As tempting as this view may be, it lends itself to blaming what cannot be blamed–as though the nation acted independently of the will of those who live there. So, too, does it provide an easy scapegoat to all who believe they’re not playing a role in the place where they live through silence or action or apathy.

Everything is the responsibility of us all as we tend to ourselves and share with our fellow men.

3 thoughts on “Looking Outward Rather Than Inward

  1. I don’t know any more, Malcolm. I no longer believe that this nation is controlled by the majority of the people who live here, and it never will be again as long as the two party system exists. I think that the “common people” now see only a mirage of freedom and even the “prominent” ones are slaves to their system.

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of each of us seeing that the country is not an entity, but a reflection of all the people in it. As such, it will improve as all of work to improve ourselves.

    We worry too much about a big picture that’s, practically speaking, outside the direct control of most of us; and since it is, we see everything as hopeless rather than at least tending to what we can attend do: our own lives.

    I’m not suggesting that we ignore the big picture where there are practical things we can do about it, especially grassroots-level actions where we can influence others to help re-build from the ground up. Having everything polarized into two parties cuts off a lot of opportunities for growth.


  3. silken

    I am feeling the overwhelming hopelessness of things right now. everything seems so hard. I try to push myself to continue doing what I can right in my own home, in my own life, but it feels so overwhelming. I do know though it is the best I can do and the only thing I really have any control over anyway….

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