Images of Betrayal – Review

images2Tyson doesn’t have time for movies, the mall, or school because her parents have abandoned her to a roach infested apartment with paper-thin walls in the bad part of town. She works as a waitress at a diner where the tips are hardly enough to pay the rent or buy the groceries. Then, things get worse.

Claire Collins has created a practical and responsible teenage protagonist with true grit. But practicality alone doesn’t solve the problem of a mysterious photographer named Walker who shows up at the diner with mesmerizing eyes and a stare that doesn’t quit. He has a camera that predicts the future and from the photographs of violence he shares with her, Ty’s future looks bleak. Worse yet, her friends are under threat as well.

This fine mystery is well written and well paced. The characters are three-dimensional and they react to danger the way everyday people do, and goodness knows, Collins has provided plenty of danger. The book is hard to put down as one problem after another appears.

While the climax of the novel really works, the denouement is a little too perfect to seem realistic. Readers used to books being set in the traditional and more-legible Roman font may find the sans serif type face a little difficult to get used to.

That said, this book will get your attention and keep it. What fun!

Images of Betral was published by Second Wind Publishing (“The Best Authors You Haven’t Read Yet.”) Collins is also the author of Fate and and Destiny, “A romantic thriller set on a snowy mountaintop. During a blizzard, Andrew’s dog, Shadow, finds destiny–a beautiful woman left for dead, but very much alive. With her she brings mystery, danger and passion to the little cabin.

Collins’ books are available on line at Second Wind and major booksellers.

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5 thoughts on “Images of Betrayal – Review

  1. ~Sia McKye~

    Malcolm, you did a wonderful job of reviewing this book.

    Emotionally, Images touched the parent in me and Ty is one of those girls you just want to take home with you. She’s a sweetie, but you’re correct, she tough and she’s resourceful but not a oh ‘woe is me’ sort. She also makes you laugh. I love Ty’s co-worker, Sheila. I can identify with her big heart and loving ways. Chop is another character that you fall love with.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Images of Betrayal and Fate and Destiny.


  2. Sheila was definitely a good-hearted character who wanted to make everything right. I haven’t seen Fate and Destiny yet.

    Thanks for the kind words. Nice to see a Facebook friend here on WordPress.


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