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TSSgiveawayThe paperback edition of my contemporary fantasy novel The Sun Singer was released by Second Wind Publishing under its Blue Shift imprint on August 17.

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Light Conquers All

Today’s guest post is by Pat Bertram, author of the recently released novel Light Bringer (Second Wind Publishing, March 27). She is also the author of “More Deaths Than One,” “A Spark of Heavenly Fire,” and “Daughter Am I.”

Pat and I discussed “Daughter Am I” here on Malcolm’s Round Table on October 19, 2009 and October 20, 2009

Planet X

The Sumerians believed there were twelve celestial bodies in our solar system: the sun, the moon, the planets we know — including poor demoted Pluto — and one other. This twelfth planet goes by many names. Astronomers today call it planet X. Sumerians called it Nibiru, Babylonians Marduk, Greeks Nemesis, Hebrews the Winged Globe. Prophets called it the Fiery Messenger and the Comet of Doom. They also called it Lucifer, which means light bringer, because it brought its own light rather than reflecting the light of the sun like the moon does.

Light Bringer

Hence, the title of my latest book: Light Bringer. Though it doesn’t make an appearance, this Planet X, this bringer of light and destruction, is the reason for the happenings of the story.

Light Bringer is not only the title; it is also a statement of the theme, or at least one of them. All of my novels explore the same themes, such as love in its various guises and a search for identity, but Light Bringer has one theme uniquely it’s own: bringing light. This light is both figurative and metaphorical. During the course of the story, light is brought to hidden places, both in the world and in my characters’ hearts. Light is brought to truth, or at least the possibility of truth. Light, as love, is brought into the lives of my characters.

Harmonics of Light and Sound

This theme of bringing light also refers to different aspects of light itself, including the harmonics of light and sound (where sound becomes light and light becomes sound) and color (different wave lengths of reflected light).

Light Bringer took years of research, of enlightenment. The plot demanded extensive information about mythology, conspiracies, UFOs, history, cosmologies, forgotten technologies, ancient monuments, and color. Especially color. Color is the thread connecting all the story elements, and all the colors have a special meaning. (You can find a brief listing of color meanings here: The Meaning of Color.)


Rena’s dark eyes brighten to amber when she is delighted, (yellow denotes joy and intelligence). The auras that envelop her and Philip show their moods: a magenta cloud of distrust, a mauve of confusion, a pale pink of love and devotion. And the world itself reflects their growing love: After the sun set, they headed home in a rich, warm alpenglow that turned the world to gold. (Gold counteracts feelings of loss, enhances feelings of security.)

Because of this theme of light, it is fitting, then, that Light Bringer begins with a bright light in the sky and ends with a new clarity of light in my little town. Perhaps the novel will even bring a bit of light into your life.

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Images of Betrayal – Review

images2Tyson doesn’t have time for movies, the mall, or school because her parents have abandoned her to a roach infested apartment with paper-thin walls in the bad part of town. She works as a waitress at a diner where the tips are hardly enough to pay the rent or buy the groceries. Then, things get worse.

Claire Collins has created a practical and responsible teenage protagonist with true grit. But practicality alone doesn’t solve the problem of a mysterious photographer named Walker who shows up at the diner with mesmerizing eyes and a stare that doesn’t quit. He has a camera that predicts the future and from the photographs of violence he shares with her, Ty’s future looks bleak. Worse yet, her friends are under threat as well.

This fine mystery is well written and well paced. The characters are three-dimensional and they react to danger the way everyday people do, and goodness knows, Collins has provided plenty of danger. The book is hard to put down as one problem after another appears.

While the climax of the novel really works, the denouement is a little too perfect to seem realistic. Readers used to books being set in the traditional and more-legible Roman font may find the sans serif type face a little difficult to get used to.

That said, this book will get your attention and keep it. What fun!

Images of Betral was published by Second Wind Publishing (“The Best Authors You Haven’t Read Yet.”) Collins is also the author of Fate and and Destiny, “A romantic thriller set on a snowy mountaintop. During a blizzard, Andrew’s dog, Shadow, finds destiny–a beautiful woman left for dead, but very much alive. With her she brings mystery, danger and passion to the little cabin.

Collins’ books are available on line at Second Wind and major booksellers.

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