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A friend asked in a recent post on her MySpace blog “How Do You Define Success?”

Essentially, her answer was finding the freedom to be herself and to follow her dreams. The challenge for her–for many of us–was that while following our dreams requires a measure of security and financial well-being, if we spend too much time or stress establishing that, we may not ever get to our dreams.

My answer to her question was similar to hers. Success to me is doing what I’m here to do: making an inner journey and writing about it. This blog represents my random thoughts, and a lot of yours, about the challenges we face and about the things we see along the trail.

I’m influenced, as many of you can tell, by the work of such writers as Edward Abbey and Colin Fletcher and by the dedication of volunteers in such organisations as the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy. I’m also influenced by Jane Roberts’ “Seth Books,” by the writings of Carlos Castaneda and Caroline Myss.

As we walk the trail, we learn–as Carlos was taught–that our outer journey is a reflexion of our inner journey and, conversely, that if we are impeccable in what we do in the physical world, we will be more centered within.

For me, success is being on the path and experiencing what I find there and then putting those feelings into words on the page.

What about you?


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6 thoughts on “What this blog is all about

  1. If, years after I’m gone, my children and theirs, and just maybe a few others, live gently on the earth and love the wild country, then my years here will have been spent successfully.

  2. Well may be we are on the same journey and it is encouraging to find people on the same way.

    As for success I am not sure about that, if success is something I can define.

    I like your post. I’ll be back

  3. Thanks for your visit and comment, Rainer. The word “success” has become so loaded up with various–and often conflicting–meanings that it’s hard not to feel conflicted within one’s own mind trying to define just what one desires our ought to desire.


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