Creator and Founder of Worlds of Comfort Seeks Donations


Today’s guest post is provided by Worlds of Comfort on behalf of its founder. The site features spiritually oriented intuitive messages, poetry and advice by Sara Isabelle Marie. The organization’s blog can be found here.

Please help and assist Sara Isabelle Marie with a donation, to be able to journey back home to Sweden and keep a roof over her head! Your support is deeply appreciated!

We have all been faced with personal and extreme difficulty at one point in our life, being forced to reach out, beyond our comfort zone. I ask that this situation is being met with understanding and compassion.

Sara Isabelle Marie is currently in Faliraki, Greece, and is such a wonderful and compassionate being, fully and completely here in service to humanity and the planet through her work of Worlds of Comfort, where she is sharing powerful and Healing Poetry and Words of Wisdom (healing messages) She is currently in Faliraki, Greece and because of the unfoldment of a recent event, her financial situation is at a breaking point, not knowing if there will be food on the table or a roof over the head, in a week, let alone, be able to journey back home to Sweden. She has not been in communication with her earthly family for several years, because of her spiritual awakening, and when she is able to journey back home to Sweden, life will begin at point zero, with no available assistance from the social structure or government in Sweden. She is completely dependent on every single donation, that is being received with a tremendous amount of gratitude, to be certain that she is able to keep a roof over the head and food on the table.

PLEASE donate if you are able to, through her website at: (She will be responding with a personal thank you, and when donating 50$, a powerfully healing poem will be sent, intuitively received from your Higher God Self.)

Take the time to read the powerful and Healing Poetry and Words of Wisdom on the website. She is a brave young woman and is determined, focused and willing, but in URGENT need of your and our help, assistance and support during this difficult transition.

I do not know the story behind the financial reversals referred to in this message. But I am happy to turn today’s post over to Worlds of Comfort in the hope Sara will be able to take the next step in her journey.