Should I Revise My Novel With Bernie in It?

After reading yesterday’s post about the Bernie chair meme, my publisher sent me new cover art for Lena, released in 2018. Take a look at this and see if my publisher was trying to tell me something:

Should I:

  • Revise the novel and issue a new edition that includes Bernie as a major character who helps fight the KKK?
  • Revise the novel and–without naming names–have the major characters keeping seeing a possibly drunk man with mittens sitting in the gutter?
  • Revise the novel by including a mitten factory?
  • Do nothing?

If you were me and keeping in mind the fact my publisher owes me $1000000 in royalty money for January’s sales, what would you do?

Just wondering,


Bernie Sanders Chair Meme 

Source: Bernie Sanders Chair Meme Photographer Details Famous Shot – Rolling Stone

Sanders, we hear, likes the meme this photograph began and put it on a sweatshirt that sold out immediately. Goodness knows the meme is showing up everywhere, from Facebook to Google searches to everyone with Photoshop who can blend the chair seamlessly into photographs in all kinds of places from what was originally thought to be a fly in Pence’s hair during a debate to Queen Elizabeth’s castle.

According to CNN, “Bernie Sanders inauguration memes are what this country needed.” After all the bad stuff, Judy Gold–who wrote that opinion piece–might be right: “Whatever political party you pledge allegiance to, whatever your socio-economic background, immigration status, language, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion…there is a Bernie meme for you. Bernie Gangnam stylin’, Bernie with Chewbacca, or playing chess in the Queen’s Gambit. Bernie on the subway.”

This picture’s become like that old take-your-yard-gnome-on-vacation gag. The more outlandish the result, the bigger the laugh.

Gotta love it.