Dear Facebook: Fix My Page

Hello Facebook,

I appreciate the hundreds of ways you’ve provided to allow me to report people doing nasty things on your site. What bothers me is the fact you provide no ways to report a software fault, i.e., when something is broken. My page will no longer display links properly. Without it, my page cannot display links to my work and other relevant sites.

This isn’t a general feedback request, it’s a fault report and it needs to go to a help desk where the fault will be fixed or turned over to the software engineers who will fix it. The URL for my page is:

If you can’t/won’t fix the fault, I’ll delete the page because it serves no purpose if it doesn’t work, and all the so-called business tools you want me to try out aren’t going to help me until you resolve the fault.

In case it helps you to know, my personal profile page will properly display links when I type in a URL, but my page won’t.

I used to work in support for major computer companies, from testing to manning the phones, so I know what you need to do if you value my business.

This boilerplate on your “support page” is not an answer:


Malcolm R. Campbell