The Radiation Blues

I got them ol’ radiation blues,
Yes, I got them ol’ radiation blues,
Too tired to drink and fight,
glow in the dark, I’m a sight,
can’t never sleep at night
from all the extra light.

It’s my understanding that while the radiation beam is fairly well defined, the machine can’t actually see the cancer cells. The biopsy said there they were, to the beam goes into that area.

This means it wipes out some innocent cells, cells that are minding their own business, don’t have a criminal record, never swear in church, you get the picture. So, I’m tired because my body is mobilizing against the threat to the system.

All that causes the radiation blues.

Today is day 30 out of 43. Then there will be a few more hormone injections. Yet, when all is said and done, we don’t know at that point how effective the treatment was. It might take three months for my test scores to go back down into the “he’s okay” part of the scale. The doctor said it could take as long as 18 months to see normal test scores.

I told him we needed Star Trek technology. He didn’t disagree even though he doesn’t think I glow in the dark.


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