ICT Launches New Political Prisoner Site

from the International Campaign for Tibet

Missingvoices.net, a new ICT website about Tibetan political prisoners, was recently launched by ICT-Germany.

The new English language site is in support of Tibetans who have been imprisoned or who have “disappeared” in the course of the violent crackdown on overwhelmingly peaceful protests in Tibet since March 2008.

ICT is working to lobby world governments to take up the cases of prisoners, and we try to help families of prisoners, who have lost a loved one and are sometimes their only wage earner. Please help us remember and support the thousands of peace-loving, brave Tibetans who have risked their freedom and their livelihoods to support the Dalai Lama, their ancient culture and the human rights of others in their communities.

One of the unique features of Missingvoices.net is that visitors can upload a video statement of support for detained Tibetan political prisoners. Last week, along with the release of our new report, A Great Mountain Burned by Fire: China’s Crackdown in Tibet, ICT published a list of more than 600 Tibetans who we believe have been sentenced, detained or who “disappeared” in total disregard to basic human rights.

Visitors to Missingvoices.net can also learn more about prison conditions in Tibet and sign a petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao. They can also watch powerful testimonies of former Tibetan political prisoners.

We will continue to add new content to Missingvoices.net in the months ahead as ICT redoubles its efforts to secure humane treatment and the release of political prisoners on our watch list. I hope you will take a moment to visit Missingvoices.net soon.

In solidarity,

John Ackerly