The Time is Right for Glorious Snafus

Mercury is going into retrograde next week and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Without getting into the tedious details, the astrological event will bring us three-weeks of non-stop comedy, the kind of comedy tricksters secretly applaud even while they’re pretending to sympathize with those whose communications are all fouled up.

Goodness knows, Carson, Letterman, Leno and others made a good living looking for screwed up situations and then poking fun at them. Sure, there’s an element of sadism in this, but for true seekers on the path, foul-ups present a glorious opportunity for growth.

Astrologer Rob Tillett notes that with Mercury going into retrograde while in Gemini, you can expect mail, travel and appointments to be disasters waiting to happen. And when they do happen, the rest of us will be laughing at you while thanking our lucky stars that we’re momentarily not in your shoes.

Consider this post a friendly (ha ha) warning. Be ready to go with the flow and laugh at yourself. Then, when normal days return, you’ll emerge from the days of gremlins as a stronger person. You may not be ready to love Mercury, but you’ll thank him for the snafus he gave you to grow on.