Limping through Christmas

  1. We both have the flu. (This is a fact and not a request for pity.)
  2. The temperature is 16° up from 13°. The wind chill is -2°, though it was lower during the night when the winds were brisker than necessary.
  3. Dear keyboard manufacturers. Why did you take the ° symbol off the keyboard so that I now have to type a COBOL routine to use it?
  4. I finally re-ordered three missing gifts for Lesa since the original shipper kept sending the items to Rangoon. They won’t get here in time, but maybe an IOU under the tree will suffice.
  5. Since nobody volunteered to send me any gumbo, we’re having chili. When I make it, it’s better than Wendy’s chili and that has to count for something.
  6. I read in the news that Putin wants to end the war with Ukraine. Okay, just withdraw your troops and stop shelling civilians and you’ll get your wish. I’m sure you recognize your spent rockets. Just don’t fire any more of them and the war will be over. It’s not rocket science.
  7. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson over at “Fox News” claims that our representatives “clapped like seals” during Zelensky’s speech. So what? Many of them are seals.
  8. My publisher Thomas-Jacob sent out a cool end-of-the-year newsletter to subscribers with news and deals. You can get in on the action by subscribing. Click on the graphic for the subscription form.
  9. Robbie, our indoor/outdoor cat has spent most of the day outdoors. What the hell is he thinking?
  10. I hope you have a great Christmas–and stay warm.



4 thoughts on “Limping through Christmas

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re sick – hope you’re both feeling better soon. Regarding missing gifts, I’ve decided to give people pictures printed from the internet of things that aren’t going to be here in time.

  2. Bad luck re the flu. Nice excuse to ignore Christmas altogether (always a temptation!), but not beastly not to feel well enough to enjoy the ignoring. Hope you both feel better real soon.

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