The Website: Calling it a Day

I have closed down my website which used to be found at At my age, I can legitimately say I’m semi-retired though I do turn out a novel now and then when the writing addiction takes over my life. You can find these books by searching on Malcolm R. Campbell on the Barnes & Noble website where you do have the option to purchase my e-books in a Nook format. You can also find my books listed on my Amazon author page at or by searching on Malcolm R. Campbell. Here, of course, my e-books appear as Kindle books. 

You can also find my books on my publisher’s website in the catalog section

I urge you to consider purchasing books through a private bookstore with a website that offers online sales; or by taking advantage of the listings at where you can find my books by searching on my name or on the book’s title.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to announce new books on this blog, write occasional reviews, and otherwise fill the pages here with the usual sarcastic nonsense you’ve become accustomed to reading.

I’ve had a website at various times in my career, most often hosted by which has easy-to-use editing software and also handles your domain name. If you are an emerging author with a lot of sales and name recognition, a website will probably help you. Otherwise, it probably won’t because readers search for authors they’ve heard of. If they don’t know your name, they won’t find your site.

Nonetheless, having a site is fun, and I do appreciate everyone who has visited this most-recent iteration of my website.