Robbie knows what he wants, so he comes and gets me when he wants it

I’ve written about Robbie before, I think, the cat who was probably dumped out in the country by the asshole who owned him, and ultimately found us softhearted enough to feed him once we learned nobody in the neighborhood had lost a cat. He was healthy, but ultimately we took him to the vet to make sure, and now we have an indoor/outdoor cat.

Robbie has figured out how to run across my desk without hitting the keyboard or the wine or coffee that’s providing fuel for my work.

When he wants to go back outside, he runs across the desk and stands by the front door.

He leads me to the food bowl in the kitchen when it’s empty or to the water bowls when they’re empty.

Robbie expects us to watch TV at night, so if things get late, he’ll come and get me and head for the living room

Since our cats are allowed in the bedroom overnight where they sleep, but not any other time, both Robbie and Katy get antsy when the TV has been off for a while around midnight and the bedroom door is still closed. Katy sits by the closed door in a sulk. Robbie finds me and leads me to the closed door to let me see for myself that it’s not open.

Maybe he watched all the old Lassie shows on TV at his last house and got the idea that pets are supposed to go get people when somebody calls in a well or the food bowl is empty.

Oh, well whenever he sees me outside, he follows me around to see what I’m doing. I’m not sure that’s a good sign. I keep wondering where this behavior is going to lead.


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