When the pharmacy loses a prescription

The stranglehold doctors and pharmacies and the feds have on prescription drug is always hard to navigate through, much less cope with.

My wife had three refils on a prescription. After getting two of them, the pharmacy says there isn’t another one. The doctor says there is. Making matters worse, the pharmacy has lost the original paper. They won’t budge.

Rx Symbol Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockOur only hope is that the doctor will call in a new scrip. Meanwhile, the situation causes a lot of stress. My libertarian viewpoint is that we should be able to buy the drug without a prescription. First to avoid the hassle that occurs when things screw up. Second to get drugs available out of the control of big pharma and find a way to take bottles of pills that cost pennies to make away from those who charge thousands for a handful of pills.

The system is broken in so many ways. But, the fix is a political football. Meanwhile, a lot of people are hurting.



2 thoughts on “When the pharmacy loses a prescription

  1. I hope she’s able to get the med. My mother just ran into a similar problem. She gets three months worth of eye drops at a time. Without the drops, she’ll lose sight in her left eye (already gone in her right eye). The pharmacy insists they gave her three, and they billed for three, but they only gave her two. As of yet, no solution and she’s going to run short. Hopefully her eye surgeon will come through.

    1. Well, that’s another fine mess. In both your mother’s and Lesa’s cases, it’s not like an “extra” filling of the prescription is going to end civilization as we know it. Pharmacies seem to err on the side of presuming patients are lying about being short on their refills.

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