I’ve left my two orphan audiobooks on my website

I’ve mentioned these two audiobooks before. They are still for sale,  but only the seller is earning anything from them. Why? Because the publisher who placed them never bothered to include a contract provision that reverted the rights to the books to me if it went out of business. So now that the publisher has gone out of business, I can’t do anything about the audiobooks except leave them where they are.

Forcing their removal would cheat the narrators, both of who did a great job. And, who knows, perhaps a few people will listen to these and decide to try some of my current audiobooks. I hope so.

The original contract didn’t include audiobooks because at the time bringing out audio editions wasn’t forseen. When the publisher suddenly found narrators, I pushed for an amendment to the contract. It was promised, but never appeared. Now my former publisher, Vanillia Heart, is gone, and the individual in charge is incapacitated and unreachable. She’s left many of us hanging out here with our books in limbo.

Fortunately, I extracted most of my books before Vanilla Heart closed. These two remained. So they’re still on the seller’s site and I guess I’ll leave them there. They’re fun to listen to.


Malcolm R. Campbell

Publisher: Thomas-Jacob Publishing


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Conjure Woman’s Cat is also available as an audiobook with a prestigious Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine.