Horse Rescue Fund Raiser

Now in our 25th year, we continue our mission to help the abused, neglected and abandoned horses and dogs of Georgia find their last, best, home.

Since our official beginning in 2004, hundreds of horses and dogs have been rescued, rehabilitated, rehomed, and if their pain is too much to bear… a humane and peaceful passing becomes our mission. The animals teach us so many valuable lessons from life skills to kindness, and they have become an integral part of our work with the more than 50 foster children with special needs who called the farm home since 2006.

-Sunkissed Acres Eqine Rescue.

Many of my Facebook friends have been doing birthday fundraisers in support of their favorite causes. Since my birthday is this week (you know I’m a Leo, right), I decided to try this out for Sun Kissed Acres which isn’t too far from here. Here’s the fundraiser link:

Before we moved to the country and learned about Sun Kissed Acres, we had no idea how many people buy horses, enjoy them for a while, and then leave them to starve when the fun is over. Some of these horses are found wasting away on abandoned property. Others show up when the owner contacts a horse rescue program.

I can understand people buying horses for their kids, and then once the kids grow up and move away, the elderly parents don’t have the health or the resources to take care of the horses. So, the horses need a retirement community. Among other things, that’s what Sun Kissed Acres provides. My neighbor across the road found a half-dead horse and called Sun Kissed Acres. They went and got it, and nursed if back to health, and due to its amazing recoverym named it Miracle.

“Hundreds of horses have come to the farm, most have endured unspeakable cruelty and neglect. They come to us unable to stand, unable to trust, and they are given careful attention and veterinary care, a soft place to land.”

I like the work they do and the care with which they do it. If you feel you can chip in a few dollars and/or use this charity on your Amazon Smile account, here’s that link again: