There’s order amidst the chaos

Most of us who have used the I Ching for years don’t consult the book for simple divination. In general, I see that as a waste of time because the future is not fixed. But the “oracle,” as we call it, is more useful in helping those who use it to find ways to oriented themselves with the universal flow of time and space and trends, rather like checking the tides and weather before heading out to sea in a small boat.

My favorite I Ching reference.

Things we might be considering doing are sometimes best postponed; other things might require us to move sooner than planned. Like the sea, which is calm one day and dangerous the next day, the universe also has yin and yang moments that it’s best to know about. At first glance, everything in our consensus reality (including the pandemic, riots, political situations, and the sunny days and cloudy days of our personal lives) probably seem chaotic.

Some people ascribe this chaos to fate or destiny and think of themselves rather like a cork bobbing in the ocean with no control over conditions or outcomes. I don’t agree with that view because it implies (more or less) that the universe is out to get you or so-called Karma is following you around or that you’re simply unlucky. None of that makes sense to me.

What makes sense to me is using meditation, the I Ching, Tarot Cards, street-wise knowledge, and a positive focus of ones willpower to achieve objectives and stay out of harm’s way. If we blunder along with the point of view that we are more or less powerless, then we’ll see more chaos. If we work to synchronize our goals and actions with the flow of the universe, we will see less chaos.

In fact, one has come to a good place when s/he realizes that s/he attracts the order or the chaos s/he experiences.  Common sense doesn’t support this view, though the results of seeing the universe this way bring order out of the chaos of daily life.


Malcolm R. Campbell

Publisher: Thomas-Jacob Publishing


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