Recently released: ‘Olive Ewe Seven Days a Week’

Olive Ewe by Elizabeth Grace, Illustrated by Sadie Springer

I have “known” Elizabeth Grace online for years via multiple social media platforms that go back in time even before MySpace.

She is gentle, wise, intelligent, and loving. She may never know how happy I was to see her book appear, “destined to become a children’s classic” one Amazon reviewer said. The reviewer is, perhaps, prescient–as am I–so perhaps we both see it listed next to Goodnight Moon.

Oops, as Hagrid often said, “I shouldn’t have said that.” As a friend, I’m biased and cannot really review this book.

From the Publisher

Each time we climb and crest a hill, it makes the next hill less daunting. Knowing that love remains steady through all our moods, successes, and failures bolsters us, and this is especially true for children. Great things happen one small, brave choice at a time.

Olive Ewe Seven Days a Week is written so that each time Olive, a bright, adorable wooly lamb, is mentioned, the sentence reads equally well when thinking of her name or its homonym, “I love you.” In the book, Olive makes her way through a simple week. While reading each page, the parent, grandparent, or other caregiver comfortably repeats the phrase we all most need to hear: I love you.

Olive Ewe, Elizabeth Grace, and I think others will, too.



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