What did Daddy do during COVID?

The question used to be: “What did Daddy do during the war?” Perhaps now, it’s “What did Daddy and Mommy do during COVID?”

The answers might be, “Got sick and died,” “Lost their jobs,” “Got evicted,” or (possibly) “Wore a mask and hoped for the best.”

When people ignore the lockdowns, as they did at Thanksgiving and Christmas, more people end up sick. And yet, when people stay inside their homes, more businesses go bankrupt and more people lose their jobs. Will the vaccines rescue us? Time will tell. Some say we’ll be fighting COVID for years. I’m not surprised at that assessment.

And after all the precautions we’ve been urged to take, lately, the news is that things are going to get a lot worse. That’s not reassuring.

According to today’s news, Mitch McConnell blocked Senate consideration of raising the stimulus payments from $600 to $2,000, something the leader of his party is pushing for. Needless to say, Senators aren’t losing their jobs, worrying about health care expenses, or with their lifetime pensions, having money for the future. I guess we’re all supposed to be grateful for the crumbs our rich Senators and Representatives give us.

So, another answer for that did Daddy and Mommy do during COVID is “Got screwed by their government.”

I got a notice from the FEDs today letting me know my Social Security benefits are going up 1.3% Wow, what a difference that will make. <g>  Meanwhile, even though publishing had a decent year, what with people staying home and reading more books, that “decent year” mainly applied to major publishers.  The rest of us are seeing a giant downturn in sales.

So, another answer for what did Daddy and Mommy do during COVID is published new books that got lost in the shuffle. My $600 stimulus check (thanks,  Mitch,  you sorry bastard) won’t make up the difference. What kind of math are the Feds using?

More or less, Daddy and Mommy muddled through, waiting to see if their numbers were up or if they would make it to 2021. At my age, I’m surprised I’m still here. A lot of us feel that way.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of the four-book “Florida Folk Magic Series” that focuses on the KKK in the 1950s Florida Panhandle.