What You Need To Know About QAnon 

QAnon is the umbrella term for a sprawling spiderweb of right-wing internet conspiracy theories with antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ elements that falsely claim the world is run by a secret cabal of pedophiles who worship Satan and are plotting against President Trump. Though some influential individuals are active in the movement, it is not an organized group with defined leadership.

Source: What You Need To Know About QAnon | Southern Poverty Law Center

Americans–or perhaps certain elements of the media–have been running amok looking for conspiracies beneath every rock and under the woodwork of everything building.  This reminds me of the McCarthyism of the 1950s when the House Unamerican Activities Committee “saw” communists everywhere.

At the time, when the committee said so and so is a communist, my response was “so what?” But in those days, communists were presumed to be working for the Soviet Union and were often blacklisted (most famously by Hollywood) by their employers.

The blacklisting is happening again. The daily news brings us reports that various people have been fired for expressing their personal opinions on Facebook as though they’re part of a conspiracy, in college lectures, in speeches, in books, and when this happens we’re all reminded that the First Amendment doesn’t protect us where we work–or on Twitter and Facebook as it turns out.

These days, if somebody “screams I’m offended,” my response is “so what?” But corporations, including colleges, are often influenced by those who are offended more than by who’s right.

This article tells us what’s behind all the shouting.




4 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About QAnon 

  1. Two friends, both local and on Facebook – women I’ve known well for years – have been posting that stuff on Facebook for weeks. I had no idea where they were getting it from until I heard about QAnon on the news. It’s been very strange to watch them go down that rabbit hole.

    1. At first, I had no idea where it was coming from until a few QAnon stories surfaced. I tend to check the Southern Poverty Law Center for answers. I think it’s craziness, but then nobody’s been checking with me before they go nuts.

  2. Scary times. The ‘offended’ are destroying freedom of speech. It’s happening here too. Every ‘no-platform’ weakens it. I cannot get my mind around how people cannot now have a grownup debate without being terminally offended. Being offended, and talking through why one is offended, is surely the long-term way of working through whatever was offensive?

    I love a good conspiracy theory. But this QAnon … madness.

  3. QAnon is really one screwed up mess. I saw on the news that the president of Egypt said freedom of speech stops if Muslins are offended. Same thing’s happening with other groups as well. I think a lot of people love being offended because it allows them to self-righteously scream “I’M OFFENDED.” Tough shit.

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