Some say we’re too stupid for freedom of speech

When Facebook and Twitter decided to partially censor a New York Post article about Biden family e-mails, they did so because they favor Biden. Similar posts pointing at President Trump’s purported screw-ups were allowed. Okay, Big Tech wants to help Biden and not run afoul of countries in the EU that are more restrictive of speech and press freedoms than we are in the U.S.

While flipping through news channels last night, I happened upon a comment from a member of Congress who said he thought the government might need to step in and regulate our freedom of speech because everyday people didn’t have the knowledge required to tell the difference between truth, opinion, and lies.

I don’t buy it.

I’ll agree that we need more objective news sources rather than newspapers, networks, and programs that come with an agenda. Even so, I think people are smart enough to check multiple sources before believing one report or another is gospel.

As I see it, the only “stupid” people out there are those who say they believe everything CNN says or everything Fox News says. Those people only know issues from one partisan agenda or another. As we used to say, they believe those who are preaching to the choir.

Moderates and conservatives used to say that many of those on the left side of the aisle planned to destroy or dilute the Second Amendment before doing anything else. They (moderates and conservatives) were wrong: the first priority of many (not all) of those on the left side of the aisle seems to be diluting the First Amendment.

I hope that’s not true of the majority of Democrats. If it is true, what a shame. If it is true, I believe it’s still possible to book a flight to China or Russia where freedom of speech isn’t even part of the discussion.



4 thoughts on “Some say we’re too stupid for freedom of speech

  1. clinton ferrara

    Ya. Remember how those anti free speech liberal socialists sent federal troops to Portland to break up those free speech demonstrators?
    Wait a minute…never mind.

    How about we reinstate the fairness doctrine! Then Fox News would be illegal.

  2. I’ve been worried about the changes to our basic freedoms that will happen after the coming election. Silly me. Those changes are already in force. The thing that got me, even more than the so obvious suppression of the truth by Big Tech, is the way they changed the definition of “preference” to make it an offensive word when used in place of “orientation” immediately after Barrett used it. If we can’t trust our dictionaries, we’re in big trouble.

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