Found an old friend I hadn’t seen for 50 years

After working as a seasonal employee at Glacier National Park in the early 1960s, I went to Colorado for a summer, went to the Netherlands for a summer, and then ended up in the Navy. So most of us who worked at Glacier’s hotels lost track of each other.

But then, M showed up, having searched for something that brought her to this blog where (I’m guessing) she thought, “I think I know this clown.”

One of Glacier’s iconic red buses before they were all retrofitted with automatic transmission. I dislike automatic transmission but applaud the dual-fuel, propane or gasoline, the buses now use.

She was right. We were hiking partners in Glacier Park because our work schedules synced up so we had the same days off. We’ve slowed down since then, me because of an ankle that won’t work and M because she’s busy yet tries to walk ten miles a week.

It’s been fun reminiscing about the old days and what we’ve done since then and what we’re doing now. We exchanged a few pix, old and new. While I was looking for slides to convert into JPGs to send her, I found a few to upload onto Facebook’s employee and former employee group. Mine are some of the oldest to appear there, not counting historic stuff.

So, I’ve been walking down memory lane and, in the process, and have become a little disoriented since I’m re-reading The Starless Sea.


P.S. I should receive a proof copy of the paperback version of Fate’s Arrows by Saturday. If it looks good, we may be able to release the novel in Kindle and paperback next week.