This is the best blog since sliced bread

I have no idea what that means. But 99 out of 100 spammers can’t be wrong. They tell me, I’ve got what it takes to be their most visited blog in the galaxy. Oh, swell. They tell me they’re going to bookmark this place and come back often. Well, you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t.

As I see it, I’m here to shoot the breeze about all kinds of stuff and keep readers up to date on my books. My goal has never been to help promote cheap loans, cheap Viagra, or cheap hookers. Fortunately, the Word Press anti-spam software throws most of your comments in the trash before I even see them. But, you gotta keep on trying, right?

Not that I think you actually visited this blog personally. You have bots for that, yes? Because, if you personally visited this site, you might (a) actually like what’s here, and/or (b) note that I’m not selling loans, Viagra, and hookers. We could have a dialogue about that and lots of other things if you came here and asked to talk.

If you did that, I would be here for you. We could try primal scream therapy, behavioural modification, transactional analysis, and Jungian analysis to root our the daemons that tell you to drop spam into innocent blogs just to make a buck. We could play the I’m Okay, You’re Not Okay game and see if that helps. I’m not a fan of Freud, but we can discuss when a cigar is just a cigar and whether or not you’re in love with your mother. No judgements here. All complexes welcome.

If you like, we can play the games people play and infuse the discussion with some of Eric Berne’s snarky comments. If you’ve read Erik Erikson, we can start with trust vs. mistrust, and perhaps when we get through all of his proposed life stages, you’ll no longer feel the need to SPAM my blog or if there’s some strange transference going on, I’ll learn to love your SPAM.

As an author, who really wanted to be a Jungian analyst, I’m forever trying to discover what makes people tick. As Jung could have said, “The Shadow knows.” Of course, it does, but the shadow and I aren’t always on speaking terms. Or, maybe that’s all BS and I should say I might buy your Viagra if you buy my books. What say you?