On a dark and stormy night, no HVAC repair truck

Let’s say the HVAC repair people set up a service call between noon and five. Among other things:

  • You’re stuck in the house all afternoon waiting.
  • You can hardly go to the bathroom because the moment you do, the doorbell will ring and you won’t hear it and you’ll find a note on the door saying “Sorry we missed you.”
  • Five o’clock will come and go and the repair people won’t have shown up and any calls to their hotline or the techs in the truck go into voice mail.
Oh, I see the problem. the repair people have a right-hand drive truck and can’t figure out how to work it.

If they do show up, it will be moments after you sat down to dinner at 7 p.m. They’ll have a lame excuse for being late, like, “Old Mrs. Clark’s unit got stuck in a tree and we couldn’t call you because our cell phones were on the ground and we were wrestling the thing to the ground.”

Today, the lawn more repair people are scheduled to pick up a riding mower and take it into the shop. We can’t do it because we don’t have a truck or a trailer. The time window is between 9 a. m. and noon. It’s 9:30 now, so things are promising.

Meanwhile, a replacement mower was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It wasn’t. Today the time window is between 3 p. m. and 7:15 p.m. Will they show up? I’m not betting money on it. Or, if they do, they’ll get here early and the old mower and the new mower will get mixed up and we’ll get a bill from the repair shop for an estimate on fixing the new mower which wasn’t broken.

Meanwhile, the grass just keeps in growing working its way up so high that we’ll need a tractor and bush hog rather than a riding mower. If we were to order a tractor, we’d probably hear that its price is tangled up with one of the new tariffs.

Hmm, I wonder if I have 30 seconds to run into the bathroom without missing whoever (if anyone) is about to show up. I feel like putting a note on the front door that says, “TAKING A LEAK.”



3 thoughts on “On a dark and stormy night, no HVAC repair truck

  1. Those sheep are looking more attractive by the minute. But wait – you’d need a stockproof fence round the grassed area. I bet they can only give you a delivery slot for the wire and lumber between noon and five …

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