Writers: Pay Yourself First

“When I fell off the horse, fumbling around in the aftermath of my Bookbub haze, habit alone got me back up. I had to write again — every day. With full commitment, without judgment, I had to do it. When I realized getting back on the horse was the only way through the pain, I saddled up. I committed to getting up an hour earlier than usual, sitting down at my desk immediately upon waking, and writing a thousand words a day until I’d finished another novel. I didn’t miss a day, I didn’t change my schedule, I didn’t let anyone or anything — including myself — steal my ten percent.”

Source: Writers: Pay Yourself First – Indies Unlimited

Years ago, K. P. Ambroziak read a book that said we should pay ourselves first, 10% off the top, and save that money before it can get siphoned off by taxes, bills and other expenses. I like her idea of applying this advice to writing.

If you work at home as a writer, it’s easy to get discouraged and start frittering away your time in the same way people fritter away money, a little here, a little there, until at the end of the month, they have nothing left of their paychecks. Losing time is a terrible thing for a writer. As Ambroziak says, one reason for saving money or time is the habit of it. At the end of the month, you can see that you’ve made progress whether your discourage or not about how fast you write or how well your books sell or the latest reviews you’ve gotten.


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Author: Malcolm R. Campbell

Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of "Sarabande," "The Sun Singer," "At Sea," "Conjure Woman's Cat," "Eulalie and Washerwoman," and "Lena."

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