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‘Willing Spirits’ – Free this Weekend on Kindle

My Kindle short story “Willing Spirits” will be free on Amazon during the July 4th weekend. This is a ghost story inspired by the real St. Louis spirit named Patience Worth who, among other things, wrote a novel called Hope Trueblood.


willingspiritskindlecoverPrudence is a student who isn’t always prudent. Let us point to the night before her school book report is due. She hasn’t finished reading the book. Time to panic?

Perhaps, for the spirit of the book’s long-gone author seems to have appeared in Prudence’s bedroom. Off hand, this can’t be good.

Opening Lines

“The power went out when Prudence Lowe began reading chapter two of Hope Trueblood.  The darkness startled her and the book fell to the floor with a thud. Her bedroom window rattled in the wind bringing St. Louis its first snowfall of the year. She knocked her hairbrush and several makeup bottles off the vanity while searching with gloved hands for the power outage candle. Frugal to a fault, her father kept the house colder than a morgue throughout the winter.”

Enjoy the story!




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