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Evergreens and Hope

We have seen unnatural darkness this year, that coming from hatred, intolerance, patriarchy, dominance over others, lusts for power and wealth and political and social advantage.

Live Oak

Live Oak

Winter brings us natural darkness, a time when seeds and dreams wait beneath snow and soil for rebirth and spring.

Long before Christmas trees were brought into our homes, evergreens had for centuries symbolized hope, rebirth and everlasting life.



The symbolism of evergreens resonates with us today whether we’re conversant with the multiple traditions of holly, fir and other evergreens.

Their fragrance throughout the house, with without ribbons and bows, is a subtle reminder that natural darkness is not forever.

And with the hope of springtimes, perhaps we will have the strength and wisdom to combat unnatural darkness wherever if appears.



Whatever pathway brought you to this holiday season, perhaps you will find hope and peace here and the knowledge that the soul is truly evergreen.


  1. thanks, this is very true. I have always enjoyed fall, generally from a deer sand, as nature gets ready for a rest before colorfully bursting out in spring…

    December 25, 2014

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