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A thousand or so books with no place to go (in my house)

DCFC0011.JPGI’m glad the new public library is open. As the busiest library in the regional system, the Jefferson, Georgia public library needed to get out of its old, cramped facility. The new facility opened June 27 in half of an old grocery store building and the result is a lot of upscale space.

This is where the books in my garage play into the equation. After years of moving stuff from one house to another, my wife and I are downsizing. I’ve already taken about forty sacks of old magazines to the recycling center. But the books–some 15 boxes–aren’t going to be thrown away.

These usually don’t go into the library’s collection. Most are sold by the Friends of the Library group at the annual book sale to help raise money for more programs. Our library will probably have this year’s sale in the fall. Meanwhile, a few books went to the Berry College Library, a couple of boxes went to the library in nearby Talmo, and the rest have been waiting for the Jefferson library to finish moving from the old building to the new building.

In general, I don’t like disposing of books. On the other hand, the place where I’m sitting right now is a home and not a book storage facility. I hope the books find new readers when the next book sale comes along. Needless to say, I’m not going to the sale. I know it’s for a good cause, but seriously, I don’t want to see a thousand books coming back into the garage.

One box went to the library today, but there are more to go in the coming weeks.


  1. I also have a very hard time getting rid of old books.

    July 3, 2014
    • Some of those books are almost as old as I am. 🙂

      July 3, 2014
      • My favorite bookm was given to me by my older brother on my first birthday. Now that’s one I won’t part with!

        July 3, 2014
        • Books like that don’t leave the house! Nice memories in those and how we got them.

          July 4, 2014
  2. denizb33 #

    I’d hate to have to dispose of books! But if you must, I think what you’re doing with them is the best option. Hope lots of new readers discover them!

    July 5, 2014
    • Sometimes, we trade them at used book stores. This time, we need to reduce the total rather than swapping, so the library book sale was the only idea we had.

      July 5, 2014

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