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Book Review: ‘New Dimensions of Being’ by Nora Caron

NDB cover smallAuthor Nora Caron (Journey to the Heart) returns with the gentle and deeply spiritual sequel New Dimensions of Being about a young Canadian woman named Lucina who has moved to Oaxaca for a much-needed change of scene. Fluent in Spanish and acclimated to the warm climate and culture of Southwestern Mexico, the former computer professional works as a waitress and shares her apartment with her boyfriend Teleo.

While she is happy with her decision to move to Oaxaca, Lucina’s sleep and serenity are being disrupted by frightening nightmares. Then she discovers she is pregnant. Her uncertainty about motherhood at this time in her life puts a strain on her relationship with Teleo and widens the scope of her spiritual quest.

New Dimensions of Being is a story about mentors. Teleo is an herbal healer; John is a shaman, Maria–a former actress–is wise in the ways of predatory men (vampires, as she calls them); Teleo’s mother is a midwife with strong connections to spirit as indigenous cultures view humankind’s relationship with Earth, gods and elemental forces; and Weeping Willow brings Lucina the Hopi worldview and its prospective¬† connection to her nightmares.

Each of these mentors has a role to play in Lucina’s quest, imparting wisdom and advice out of their experience. What does she want to do about her pregnancy, her relationship with Teleo, and her role as a woman at a time of spiritual shifts?

Written in a natural, easy-to-read style, New Dimensions of Being brings us a believable protagonist who is learning how, exactly, to define herself. At times, she is more reactive than active, when some of the mentors’ stories become lengthy.

However, her reactions ring true and her progress along her spiritual path will appeal greatly to women who are reclaiming their feminine energy and power in a patriarchal world, and to others who are focused on a more natural and cooperative relationship with Mother Earth.

  1. Malcolm, you completely blow me away with the number of books that you read and review! I enjoy them all from a very humbled position.

    December 21, 2013
    • I spend more time reading than watching TV. Of course, if I lived on the edge of a labyrinth of mountain roads and trails, I’d probably spend less time reading.

      December 22, 2013
      • I know. That’s my problem.

        December 22, 2013
        • While you’re waiting for that knee repair, you can catch up a bit.

          December 22, 2013
          • But Maybe not. I do my hiking with crutches now and it takes longer. ( 29 miles so far).

            December 22, 2013
            • Nice to know those crutches are working out. Better than using a chair as a walker.

              December 22, 2013
              • Today I used a snow blower as a walker. Works great!

                December 22, 2013

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