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Moose Drool without the Moose

moosedroolThe closest my wife and I came to a moose during a ten-day trip to Glacier National Park with my brother Barry and his wife Mary was an ice cold can of Moose Drool brown ale. For the most part, the critters were absent.

We discussed photo shopping this picture and saying, “Hey, guys, we saw this moose in Lake Josephine, but frankly the scenery doesn’t look much like Lake Josephine.

We did see several grizzly bears, ground squirrels, a coyote, a flash of brown that was purportedly a wolverine, and an osprey.

We were assured by the bartender at Many Glacier Hotel that Moose Drool isn’t made with actual drool. Most of the drool during the vacation was caused by various renditions of huckleberries: huckleberry water, huckleberry ice cream, huckleberry margarita, and huckleberry pie.

Grizzly bear near Many Glacier - Photo by Barry Campbell

Grizzly bear near Many Glacier – Photo by Barry Campbell

One of the grizzly bears was on the talus high above the road between Many Glacier and Babb. We saw it several times and  began to wonder if the National Park Service was paying it in huckleberries to pose there for tourists.

Seeing the cars and buses stopped for this bear–with everyone pointing–reminded me of similar scenes with black bears in the Smoky Mountains.

In spite of the lack of wildlife, we had a good trip. Well, we could have done without the cold rain and the hail storm we got into on during a hike near Hidden Falls. So far, four of my novels are partially set in Glacier. With another novel on the drawing board, it was nice to see many of the settings I plan to use.

Ground Squirrel at Logan Pass - Photo by Lesa Campbell

Ground Squirrel at Logan Pass – Photo by Lesa Campbell

I have a lot of location choices. Plenty of places for action, battles, people sneaking up on other people, and the other kinds of things that happen in contemporary fantasy novels.

Coming soon, The Betrayed, the third novel in my “Garden of Heaven” series named after a Glacier Park Valley near Hidden Falls.

Next year, Aeon will complete the trilogy that includes The Sun Singer and Sarabande, both of which are partly set in Glacier Park’s Swiftcurrent Valley.

So far, I haven’t thought of a way to include Moose Drool in one of my books other than to suggest that an ice cold glass of it goes very well with the stories.

They’re books to drool for.


  1. Smoky Zeidel #

    Huckleberry honey! We always get it in the Sierras when we go in June; usually, by our August trip, they’re sold out. BUT…this year we were lucky. Had to cancel our June trip, but on our August trip, the gift stores were loaded with the huckleberry honey! Yum.

    Lucky to have seen a wolverine. Those are very, very elusive critters. Glad you had a good time, despite the hail.

    September 10, 2013
    • The hail wasn’t too bad since we were in the boat by the time the worst of it hit. Huckleberry Honey sounds great. Nice to see the wolverine!


      September 10, 2013
  2. Another great post. I always feel I’m “in” your stories. Don’t know how I’d feel about the “drool”, though.

    September 11, 2013

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