Blog Traffic is Often a Puzzlement

I appreciate those of you who regularly stop by, read, leave comments, and subscribe. Without Google Analytics, I often wonder where some of the other blog traffic comes from.

Suddenly, a two-year-old review of “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse gets 35 viewers. Last week, an old article called “Branding at Sea” about the USS Ranger was ranked as a top post. Sometimes I can figure out these puzzles. A news story prompts a sudden search. An author comes out with a new book, leading people here to reviews of earlier books. But most of the time, I can’t track down the why of sudden bursts of traffic to old posts.

I often post news and articles about Glacier National Park, the hero’s journey, and the heroine’s journey, so I’m not too surprised to see search terms listed on my dashboard from readers looking for more information. My new novel “The Seeker” will be coming out soon. That means more fantasy and magical realism posts. Later this year, I plan to visit Glacier National Park, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to see more posts about Swiftcurrent Valley and Many Glacier Hotel.

Coming soon, is a very interesting guest post from author Dianne K. Salerni (“We Hear the Dead”). If I told you the subject, you’d probably think I was making it up. I’m already wondering what kind of search terms will lead people to that post.

I’ll have another book review to post in several weeks. I liked this author’s collection of short stories. It’s fun seeing him focus his talents on a novel. When I post reviews, I often see more traffic for the older reviews.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check out my Magic Moments blog for more posts about fantasy, the natural world and sometimes a bit of Zen. Several times a week, I post links to book and author news, writing tips, and book reviews in “Book Bits” which appears on Sun Singer’s Travels.

The traffic on the older posts on those blogs is also a puzzlement, but I figure the Universe, Google and the Internet in general pretty much know who needs to stop by for a visit. When I start following links, I often end up at sites and blogs I’ve never heard of and find that it’s almost as though I was destined to go to them and read a specific article or post that somehow applies to whatever I’m doing.

Even if Google Analytics were available for WordPress blogs, I’m not sure it could figure out the logic of traffic that the fates send to one place or another.


8 thoughts on “Blog Traffic is Often a Puzzlement

  1. Smoky Zeidel

    The most popular hit on my own blog? “My Old Blue Sweatshirt.” I have never figured that one out! My inspiration series was a hit, too, but not to the extend the one about the sweatshirt.

    1. I remember that sweatshirt post. Most of the time, I glance at the search terms during a given week and think, hmmm. But when posts suddenly get ton of traffic, I begin to wonder. . .


  2. What a great way of looking at the situation: I figure the Universe, Google and the Internet in general pretty much know who needs to stop by for a visit. The only exception is all the people who stop by my blog searching for ways of getting their sisters to have s e x with them. (the letters are separated not for emphasis but to keep you from being inundated with the disgustingly graphic comments I sometimes get and immediately delete.) And it all stemmed from a post I once did about asking my sister if it was weird reading a s e x scene written by me.

    But perhaps it isn’t an exception. Since I subsequently wrote a post on writing sex scenes, maybe they will be shunted into more literary pursuits.

    1. Every once in a while, a post attracts the wrong people. I’m sure they’re disappointed. Of course, some of the weird stuff gets trapped in the SPAM queue and I don’t have to worry about it. But, who knows, maybe some of the people come for strange reasons and end up finding what they need even though they weren’t looking for it.

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