Will NPS Split Up Glacier’s Red Bus Fleet?

from the Glacier Park Foundation

NPScommercialThe National Park Service is seeking tenders for a concessioner to operate its facilities in Glacier National Park. The proposed concession contract would see 18 of the 33 Red buses decommissioned and replaced with new vehicles. This decision was made without any consultation with the public.

The Glacier Park Foundation wants to see the Red bus fleet remain intact. Bidding for the concession closes March 14. The foundation urges all its members and fans of Glacier to raise their voices in any manner they can, including contacting the National Park Service, and Montana state and federal officials. Let them know you oppose any breakup of the Red bus fleet and are requesting a delay in the concession contract process until the matter has been aired in public.

NPS proposal: http://www.concessions.nps.gov/glac002-14.htm

I agree with the Foundation’s suggestion that the contract process should be put on hold until the public is fully informed about the rationale behind the plan as well as the other alternatives available. If you agree, please let the Park Service and your Senators and Representatives know of your concerns.


2 thoughts on “Will NPS Split Up Glacier’s Red Bus Fleet?

  1. Smoky Zeidel

    What I’d like to see is the park make the investment to retrofit the red buses for clean fuel use, e.g, soybean oil. When I lived in Champaign, they did this to the metro, and you could stand behind an idling bus and not smell a thing. Très cool!

    1. The busses have already been retrofitted from gasoline to propane. I fon’t know if further changes are possible since the busses are historic and 75 years old. I like the changes in some metro systems, and I think the include Atlanta, toward cleaner fuels. It makes sense in a wilderness setting, but it will require a donor with deep pockets if it is technologically possible.


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