Glacier Park Fund and Glacier Association to Merge

from the Glacier Park Fund

West Glacier, MT, September 25, 2012 – The Board of Trustees of the Glacier National Park Fund and the Board of Directors of the Glacier Association (formerly the Glacier Natural History Association) have agreed to a merger of these two Glacier National Park Partners.

The merger will be effective January 1, 2013, and the new organization will be the Glacier National Park Conservancy. The conservancy’s goal will be to generate financial support for the Park in an era of reduced federal budgets through increased private fundraising and philanthropic activities, and continued operation of the bookstores within Glacier National Park and at other federal agency partner sites in Montana.

The Glacier Park Fund has provided close to $4 million to Glacier National Park and is pleased to take another exciting step in growing our commitment and support to Glacier.

From extensive support of trails, to research and management of wildlife and plants, to educational programs and preservation of the red buses and historical records, artifacts and buildings, the Glacier National Park Conservancy (GNPC) will continue in the same tradition of helping to preserve a quality of visitor experience while protecting a very special national treasure.

The Glacier National Park Fund was established in 1999 as the non-profit fundraising partner of the Park. The Glacier Association is a non-profit cooperating association of the National Park Service that was originally formed in 1941 and incorporated in 1946.

As a 1980s volunteer with the Glacier Association when it was called the Glacier Natural History Association and as member of both organizations, I look forward to seeing a strengthening of the efforts of both approaches to park stewardship and fundraising through the merger.


Malcolm R. Campbell, the author of contemporary fantasy and satire, also created the Kindle e-book “Bears; Where They Fought” about the land and history of Glacier National Park’s Swiftcurrent Valley. His article about the Glacier Park flood of 1964 appears in NPS-produced “A View Inside Glacier National Park – 100 Years 100 Stories” available through the Glacier Association on line bookstore.

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