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Pick up your Valentine’s Day Gift Here

If you’re here looking for chocolate, roses or Champagne, you won’t find them here.

You’ll find something that will last much longer (maybe as long as this antique Valentine’s Day card I saw on Wikipedia): a free, PDF e-book of fiction, nonfiction and poetry celebrating love written by the authors of Vanilla Heart Publishing:

  • S.R.Claridge
  • Janet Lane Walters
  • Anne K. Albert
  • Malcolm R. Campbell
  • Chelle Cordero
  • Marilyn Celeste Morris
  • Collin Kelley
  • Melinda Clayton
  • Charmaine Gordon
  • Smoky Trudeau Zeidel
  • Joice Overton

A Gift for You includes my short story “Those Women.” The book is available as a free download from PayLoadz. Enjoy the stories, novel excerpts, essay and poems. Share them with all your valentines while they enjoy the roses, chocolate and  Champagne you found at your handy neighborhood Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Ingles, Food Lion or Albertson’s.


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