Free e-Book: Celebrate Glacier National Park

During Glacier National Park’s 2010 centennial, I wrote quite a few posts about the history, personalities, facilities and environment of Montana’s shining mountains for this weblog. Now, Vanilla Heart Publishing has compiled a selection of those posts into a free PDF e-book that you can download from PayLoadz.

Highlights of the 49-page e-book

  • Fast Facts and Photographs
  • All Aboard for Glacier National Park
  • Glacier by the Grace of God and the Great Northern
  • Mountains and Rock
  • Remembering James Willard Schultz
  • Glacier’s Long-Ago Mining Town
  • Remembering George Bird Grinnell
  • Those Historic Red Tour Buses
  • Kinnikinnick
  • Glacier’s First Ranger
  • Heavens Peak Fire Lookout
  • Mary Roberts Rinehart

The Scenery Behind My Stories

While working as a bellman at a Glacier Park hotel, I fell in love with the park. I’ve been back several times, but it’s too far from northeast Georgia for easy commuting. I returned in my imagination, though, while setting three novels in the park: The Sun Singer (contemporary fantasy, 2004), Garden of Heaven: an Odyssey (magical realism, 2010) and Sarabande (contemporary fantasy, 2011). If you’ve visited Many Glacier Hotel on the east side of the park, you’ll recognize many of the settings in all three books from Swiftcurrent Lake to Grinnell Glacier

I hope you will enjoy Celebrate Glacier National Park and the scenery behind my stories with a bit of the history of how Glacier came to be and who took part in developing it as both a park and a playground. Of course, you need to do more than read about “backbone of the world” in northwestern Montana.

How about a trip? You’ll need to stay for a couple of days so you have time to see both sides of the park, experience Going-to-the-Sun Road, hike to Sperry or Grinnell Glacier, take a launch trip on Lake McDonald, Swiftcurrent Lake or Lake Josephine, and ride in one of those ancient red buses with the top down so you can enjoy the mountain air.


Kindle edition

27 thoughts on “Free e-Book: Celebrate Glacier National Park

      1. Smoky Zeidel

        I have no doubt. Which is one of the reasons she is such a fine publisher. 😎 Then again, with fine authors like you, it probably wasn’t much of a chore to do, although it still was probably a monumental task!

    1. Thank you, Montucky. I had a lot of fun writing the centennial posts. I’m glad to have them collected into an e-book. I hope your friend enjoys the words and pictures.


  1. Have visited Glacier National Park a few times,Loved “The Going To The Sun Road” absolutely fantastic and. the info and look out point at the top is breath taking. as are the emerald lakes. Just longing to see it all again. Thanks to all the wonderful staff through-out the park.

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  5. Terry Houff

    Malcolm, Thanks for this! I first visited Glacier when I was about 10 years old (45 years ago!). My family did the ranger-led hike to Granite Park Chalet where we spent the night – memorable!. That was back in the heyday of the national parks when there were many such opportunities. I’ve returned twice since and truly love Glacier. Saw my first mountain lion in the wild on a day trip over to Waterton Lakes. When I retire, I hope to spend a summer there driving the red buses.

    BTW, Smoky is my cousin and we share the same wanderlust!


    1. Hope you enjoy ther e-book. Spending the night at Granite Park Chalet is almost like spending the night out in the woods. I also enjoy Waterton, especially when I get away from the crowds in the town itself. However, the Prince of Wales Hotel has great dinners.


    2. Smoky Zeidel

      Not just my cousin, Malcolm–my absolutely favorite cousin in the whole wide world. If he wasn’t my cousin, I’d want him to be. You should friend each other–you’d get along great. Terry does, indeed have the wanderlust and wonderlust than runs through our paternal line…

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