My Book Reviews of 2011


Like most book reviewers who aren’t paid by a newspaper or a magazine to read 24/7, finding the time to read a book and then say something helpful about it is difficult. I could use an extra hour or two ever day just for reading. I don’t review all of the books I read. I currently have three books in the queue:

  1. Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin – I read and enjoyed this book and will post the review this year.
  2. Cinder by Marissa Meyer – Next on my reading list.
  3. The Devil’s Elixer by Raymond Khoury – Book on the way to my house.

Nonetheless, it was a good year for reviews. Here’s a look back at the books I reviewed or noted in 2011 for those you might have missed:

Next Review

Malcolm’s Round Table

Literary Aficionado

 Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of novels filled with fantasy and magic.

For a glimpse into the flavor of “Sarabande” (Vanilla Heart, August 2011) see his post: an assault where willow creek carries water away from the mountains


5 responses

  1. You’re quite the prolific reviewer! I can’t wait to see what is on your list for next year!

  2. Just reading that many books seems a heroic task, let along writing reviews on them! I like to read your reviews, although I seldom comment on them.

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